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Fluidized bed combustion FBC boiler best selling 2t commercial azerbaijan Application

FBC technology is widely applied in chemical plants, steel work, utility and other industrial processes.The rapid spread of CFBC technology started in North America where the largest cumulative capacity is installed mainly in the USA.Europe followed with the installations of co-generation and coal-fired CFBC plants. The growth in capacity levelled off in Western Europe in the early 1990s but deployment increased in Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland and the Czech Republic during the same period.CFBC technology has been employed for power generation for more than 20 years.Today, approximately 600 coal-burning CFBC power generating units have been installed and are in operation worldwide, and nearly 180 units with a total capacity of over 26 GWe currently are under construction or planned to be built.

Paper mill boiler best selling 2t commercial azerbaijan application

Flue gas waste heat recovery system based on heat absorption: the absorption heat exchanger concept will be applied to flue gas heat recovery boiler best selling 2t commercial azerbaijan of the gas, the process shown in Figure 1. In additional gas absorption heat pump with the boiler flue gas condensation heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump with natural gas as a drive power source, to generate cold medium, the cooling medium in the flue gas in the flue gas condensing heat exchanger, heat transfer process can be direct contact heat exchanger or an indirect heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature of the system dropped below the dew point, condensation of water vapor in the flue gas heat, flue gas heat recovery purposes and moisture. Backwater into the heating network is first heated by the absorption heat pump and then into a gas boiler after heating to a temperature designed to give out, completion of the heating process water heating network. Exhaust gas boiler into the bottom of the chimney, the draft fan is placed on top of flue gas condensation heat exchanger is withdrawn after mixing with the exhaust fumes into the absorption heat pump condensing heat exchanger, the exhaust system temperature is reduced to 30 ℃ vented to the atmosphere into the chimney after less. Out of the chimney flue gas between flue gas and returned to port additional partitions. Our experimental system using a direct contact heat exchanger flue gas condensation. With this technique enables efficient heating system (system for use with a low ratio of heat input into the system of a gas heat) increased by more than l0%. Currently the technology has been applied in Beijing GLD waste heat recovery boiler room engineering, Beijing bamboo plant waste heat recovery boiler project, achieved good energy saving effect. This incremental investment techniques (including absorption heat pump investment, flue gas condensation heat exchanger and related pumps, valves and other equipment) can be recovered usually within 3a.

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