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Selection of elements which can be used to vacuum boiler vacuum boiler fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. It is recommended to use recycled oil and natural gas, oil and natural gas may be used simultaneously (special order). Different types of fuel cell device quenching machine is different. Load Selection: Select the heating load of the building can not be any budget. It uses the building insulation and interior have a great relationship, but there is very little relationship with the construction area. Pressure selection: warm water, sanitary hot water pressure standard, pressure 0.8MPa. Pressure 0.81 ~ 1.2MPa parts suggested the use of high pressure apparatus. If the pressure is 1.21 ~ 1.6MPa fragmented, the elements should be based on a comprehensive economic and technical analysis was performed using an ultrahigh pressure cell type, or stopping the secondary heat exchanging. If the pressure is more than 1.6MPa, the proposed design two heat exchangers. Location: The unit is running smoothly, almost no vibration, music is small, its location is very convenient room, basement, air, floors, roofs can be used as room use. High-rise buildings, to reduce the unit pressure, the room should be in the middle or top. Ventilation: poorly ventilated room can lead to corrosion and humidity, ventilation room should be more than twice per hour, while the unit consumption of air, according to the calorific value of the fuel consumption of 10,000 calories of 15m3 air budget. Drainage: adhere to the base unit at a higher position in the engine room. All gutters and drains can be seen in the floor drain or drain of the machine room. Set basement sump, submersible pool pump should be set up links. Temperature: controlled at 5 ~ 43 ℃. If the unit is too low, when the unit is shut down, the water tank freezes and brass cracking, damage electrical components of the unit is too high. The room must be equipped with a thermometer and overheating alarm devices.

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Vacuum hot water boiler small science

In recent years, a type known as vacuum hot water boiler boiler in the market caused no small wave, then vacuum hot water boiler is what kind of boiler it, on the fast side Xiaobian for you eleven come on.

Vacuum hot water boiler hot water boiler Vacuum Products Products vacuum hot water boiler works in the standard state, the vacuum boiler -76CMHG. After starting the boiler, fuel combustion heat is transferred to the heat medium heating surface of the water, the heat medium water is evaporated in heat exchange between the steam, the heat exchanger increase the vacuum chamber at a negative pressure within the furnace, condensate reflux of water to the furnace, boiler water using the steam phase change heat transfer process interact to achieve, through the phase change of the boiler water, water vapor condensation and evaporation furnace transfer latent heat boiler water to achieve the heat transfer process. Meanwhile, if the working medium of the heat exchanger, using the difference in heating temperature and the flow rate output with special requirements, can be specially designed according to the needs of users, the quality can be delivered on time. Heat exchanger, and the water distributor flange can be designed and manufactured of stainless steel for heat strong corrosive media. For larger heating case, a plurality of parallel operation may be performed, better results than the single-unit operation, better energy saving. The machine is running, a multi-purpose machine, while the need to provide different occasions, no need to install. Vacuum hot water boiler during operation, the internal pressure of the furnace in a vacuum state is always the -15cmHg-76cmHg. Even if the U-shaped heat exchanger leakage due to external pressure, or the operational failure can not exceed the external atmospheric pressure, the controller, the water temperature control, superheat and the vacuum pressure switch will automatically switch off the power. When the pressure reaches 0.025MPa, the safety valve will open automatically to withstand the discharge pressure.