food natural gas hot water vacuum boiler

Selection of elements which can be used to vacuum food hot water vacuum boiler vacuum boiler fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. It is recommended to use recycled oil and natural gas, oil and natural gas may be used simultaneously (special order). Different types of fuel cell device quenching machine is different. Load Selection: Select the heating load of the building can not be any budget. It uses the building insulation and interior have a great relationship, but there is very little relationship with the construction area. Pressure selection: warm water, sanitary hot water pressure standard, pressure 0.8MPa. Pressure 0.81 ~ 1.2MPa parts suggested the use of high pressure apparatus. If the pressure is 1.21 ~ 1.6MPa fragmented, the elements should be based on a comprehensive economic and technical analysis was performed using an ultrahigh pressure cell type, or stopping the secondary heat exchanging. If the pressure is more than 1.6MPa, the proposed design two heat exchangers. Location: The unit is running smoothly, almost no vibration, music is small, its location is very convenient room, basement, air, floors, roofs can be used as room use. High-rise buildings, to reduce the unit pressure, the room should be in the middle or top. Ventilation: poorly ventilated room can lead to corrosion and humidity, ventilation room should be more than twice per hour, while the unit consumption of air, according to the calorific value of the fuel consumption of 10,000 calories of 15m3 air budget. Drainage: adhere to the base unit at a higher position in the engine room. All gutters and drains can be seen in the floor drain or drain of the machine room. Set basement sump, submersible pool pump should be set up links. Temperature: controlled at 5 ~ 43 ℃. If the unit is too low, when the unit is shut down, the water tank freezes and brass cracking, damage electrical components of the unit is too high. The room must be equipped with a thermometer and overheating alarm devices.

Recently, Guizhou Province to combat air pollution, protecting and improving the quality of atmospheric environment, the protection of public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development, in accordance with the provisions of "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" and relevant laws and regulations of atmospheric pollution prevention and control regulations to be amended.

Article XVI: prohibits a planned urban area built or expanded cement, coal chemical, coal-fired thermal power, coking, metallurgy, ceramics and other serious air pollution industrial projects.

Article 24: Prohibition by waste-water treatment, tampering or falsification of monitoring data, in order to avoid on-site inspection for the purpose of the temporary shutdown, open the emergency discharge channel non-emergency situations, abnormal operation of pollution control facilities and other atmospheric discharge atmospheric way to avoid regulation contaminants.

Article 39: It should be the overall planning of urban construction, coal-fired heating in the region, promoting cogeneration and district heating. In the central heating pipe network coverage area, a ban on new or expanded scattered coal-fired heating boilers have been built coal-fired heating boilers can not discharge standards, should be demolished within the prescribed period the city government.

Shall manufacture, import, sale and use do not meet environmental standards or requirements of the boiler.

41: partial restriction sulfur, high ash coal mining, mining prohibition radioactive and arsenic and other toxic substances than standard coal. New coal mines must simultaneously supporting the construction of coal washing facilities. Have been built coal mines, it should be in accordance with national requirements, supporting the deadline for the completion of the coal washing facilities.

Prohibit the import, sale and burning of coal does not meet quality standards, to encourage high-quality coal burning.

Prohibit the import, sale and burning does not meet the quality standards of petroleum coke.

What problems on the steam food hot water vacuum boiler is very important but not involved? Steam boiler, the following, mainly through a number of specific issues, to learn their work, and give their corresponding answers, so that we have to learn the content, and then, on the products, some gains and progress, at the same time, You can also promote the learning process of the product. 1. steam boiler, which is widely applied in what industry? Its specific use, which are more? Steam boiler in the boiler, in general, that in the paper, printing and dyeing, as well as chemicals and other such industries, there is a wide range of applications. Which in particular uses, it is used in the drying more, to supply hot air or the like, and further, to smooth the drying operation. 2. A boiler steam boiler which, whether they have prescribed period of use? In addition, it is part of the special equipment it? Steam boilers this kind of boiler, which is not specified period of use, though, that there be scrapped, if it reaches the thermal efficiency than required, or can not ensure the safe use, then, is to be scrapped deal. However, this kind of boiler, its reasonable and properly used under normal circumstances, it can be used for about 10-15 years. Steam boilers, whether they are special equipment, will depend on the actual situation, if it is a high pressure, then for special equipment; if it is a vacuum type, then, does not belong to special equipment.

State supervision policy vacuum food hot water vacuum boiler is what vacuum hot water boiler with high efficiency, energy saving, safe, fast installation, versatile features, what state supervision policy vacuum boiler is? In May 2002, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (SAQSIQ) issued a document clearly defines the vacuum boiler: pressure vacuum phase transition boiler circulation system is lower than the atmospheric pressure. So there will be no explosion. Manufacturers should be manufactured in accordance with standard vacuum phase transition boiler, and bear the legal responsibility to notify the user (including boiler installer) safe use, and to ensure that the boiler system in use is always in a vacuum state. Vacuum phase transition boiler installation unit installation quality to meet the requirements of the production company responsible for the installation. Vacuum phase transition boiler installation meets the above specification, is not required by the boiler quality supervision and administration technology, pressure vessel safety watchdog confirmed, it does not require registration procedures for the use and other related issues. Vacuum hot water boiler water temperature can not provide hot water for different purposes, such as central air conditioning hot water, sanitary hot water, hot water process plant, schools, hotels, offices, etc., it is very suitable for use in these places. Fang fast vacuum condensing boiler thermal efficiency of up to 104%, full Chinese control, multi-level access control system to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, without losing flexibility.