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Open hearth can be checked, but also can be determined by detecting the exhaust gas temperature.

(3) boiler leakage serious. Excessive cold air into the furnace, the flue gas oxygen increased, when the smoke detector detects smoke oxygen than 8% oxygen, there will be excess air, it generates heat loss. It may be determined by detecting the leakage of flue gas oxygen.

To continue to improve ambient air quality, to meet the people's growing need for beautiful ecological environment, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province issued the latest "blue sky Zaozhuang City win the Battle of the operational plan (2018-2020 years)" (the "Program"). "Plan" put forward, built-up urban areas to carry out experimental work, to carry out large-scale coal-fired units off white wet flue gas treatment. The main objective of the "program" is that after three years of efforts, the total emissions of major air pollutants significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions reduction synergies, significantly reduced the concentration of PM2.5, significantly reduced the number of days of heavy pollution, ambient air quality improved significantly, the people of the blue sky well-being significantly enhanced. By 2020, the city of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than 27% in 2015, the ozone concentration significantly increasing trend containment; of PM2.5, PM10年平均浓度分别控制在 57 mg / m, 91 [mu] g / m or less, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides average concentration continued to improve air quality not less than 62%, more than the number of days of severe contamination and declining.

1, adjusting the industrial structure and layout, increase the elimination of backward production capacity and excess generated Yajian efforts; continued implementation of the regulation "scattered pollution" enterprise, and resolutely put an end to, "scattered dirt" project and has been banned "dirty scattered" Project resurgence after migration.

2, continued implementation of the total coal consumption control, by 2020, the city's total coal consumption control in less than 22.43 million tons, out of shutting down Daly environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts of coal-fired units of non-compliance ; strongly promote the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, in 2018 the city built the region basically eliminated tea furnace, stove and other operating coal-fired facilities, a ban on new 35 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers, 65 tons of steam / hour or more coal-fired Upon completion of the boiler on the ultra-low emission, energy saving completed; low nitrogen gas boiler is substantially complete transformation.

3, vigorously promote clean energy heating, accelerate the pace of construction of natural gas to clear the system infrastructure, new natural gas for coal substitution when the priority of urban residents and winter heating, to achieve "by reducing coal gas", "coal to gas" adhere to the " gas will change. "

1, the full implementation of pollution permits management to achieve a comprehensive industrial pollution discharge standards. Accelerate the granting of emission permits, continue to promote the transformation of standard industrial pollution sources.

2, vigorously promote cleaner production. Of development zones, industrial parks, high-tech zones of concentration and control, compliance deadline conduct reform, reduce pollution industrial zone.

Why do you want to use softened water boiler seller 4 ton energy saving azerbaijan in everyday life, we often see after the inner wall of the kettle with a long time scale will be generated. This is what causes it? We had access to the water contains a lot of inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium and so on. These salts can not be visually found in water at room temperature, they are once heated to boil, there are a lot of calcium, magnesium carbonate precipitated form, which is formed close to the pot wall scale. We usually water calcium and magnesium ions with the content of the "hardness" is represented by an index. Hardness equivalent to 1 liter of water containing 10 mg of calcium oxide. Less than 8 degrees is called soft water, hard water is higher than 17 degrees is called, called hard moderate between 8 to 17 degrees. Rain, snow, river, lake water is soft water, spring water, deep well water, the water is hard water. Water softener has the following effects: (1) to prevent water pipes, water heaters, coffee machines, humidifiers, steam irons, bathtub, shower heads, toilet and other household appliances accumulates scale, often blocked, and low thermal efficiency of the phenomenon. (2) coffee, red tea, unique taste, pure taste. Gardening, to extend the flowering period, green leaves no spots, bright flowers. Fish, all kinds of fish disease prevention. Soft water to cook full, fluffy and good taste; sanitary ware, crystal clear, no stains spots. (3) prolong the shelf life of tofu, soy milk more fragrant, bean sprouts without auxin, growing thick. Vegetables, remove agricultural chemicals, to extend the shelf life of vegetables. Cooking, to shorten the time, smooth soft rice, pasta easy expansion. Cooking, keep the natural taste of vegetables and nutrients. (4) inhibit fungi, promoting trauma healing, reduce constipation, gastrointestinal incidence risk category of stones diseases. Occurrence of skin trauma, frostbite, burns and the like when the accident, after the first use soft water wash the affected area, and to soft water wet cotton, gauze, a towel, graze the affected area, rapid healing, and the edema due to burns immediately disappear, this is due to the soft water has the effect of promoting tissue regeneration. Fungi can inhibit the regeneration of cells and tissues. Occurrence of skin trauma, frostbite, burns and the like when the accident, washed with soft fast healing. (5) washing to prevent static electricity, bleaching, variant, washing dishes, clean and without water, to improve the gloss vessel. Cleaning the kitchen bathroom, strong decontamination and deodorization. It has strong detergency. Soft water washing clothing fibers, not stiff, brittle, saving detergent. (6) soft water virtually eliminating water base, the safe operation of equipment, saving expenditure, reduce water equipment and water pipe repair costs more than 60%, reduce fuel costs more than 30% of the hot water, detergent to reduce purchase costs more than 50% .

Condensing hot water boiler seller 4 ton energy saving azerbaijan flue gas temperature below 40 ℃, not only the sensible heat of flue gas can be absorbed, but also at low temperature, the water gas generated by the combustion will be present in liquid form, which absorbs the latent heat in the flue gas.