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2. textile vacuum boiler supplier technology energy-saving measures (1) strengthen the technological transformation of inefficient boilers. Due to our limited economic base, not all older boilers have been updated. For updates not included in the scope, efficiency is not high but there are more defective boiler should strengthen technological innovation. Technological transformation of industrial boilers, should try to achieve a multi-effect of the change is necessary to improve the thermal efficiency to save fuel, but also to increase output, reduce pollution and achieve civilized production, but also to adapt to burning low quality coal. (2) boiler should make full use of frequency control technology. When selecting the boiler pump and fans, are considered certain margin in the rated load, so that in fact the boiler operation, the fan and the pump flow is less than the rated flow equipment, are required to be adjusted. Is adjusted by adjusting the throttle in the past, i.e., OFF or the throttle opening degree smaller Importers baffles, the flow rate is reduced, but not significantly reduced motor power. Frequency is reduced by the drive motor speed, the motor output power decreases. Frequency control for pumps and fans, general can save 30% to 40%, the investment can be recovered through two heating season, at the same time, due to the deceleration operation, reducing mechanical wear and extend bearing life, improved mechanical reliability sex. (3) the rational use of automatic control technology boiler. Boiler operation, automatic control can improve boiler efficiency, energy conservation. In recent years, automatic control technology and the rapid development of computer control, and more Sheung drum water level automatic control device, automatic control and computer control the combustion process in the oil and gas boilers more general application, for Stoker, some boiler monitoring the use of computer rooms, manual adjustment is also received good results. Boiler automatic control and computer monitoring instruments should be simple, practical principle. (4) promote the use of heat pipe heat exchanger. At present, the domestic part of the boiler flue gas temperature is too high, a large heat losses, reduces the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Can effectively heat pipe heat exchanger flue gas heat recovery boiler, the gas - liquid heat pipe heat exchanger is mounted in the boiler feedwater heating flue, significant energy saving effect, only one heating season investment can be recovered for a heat exchanger. (5) using the condensing heat recovery boiler technology. In conventional boilers, the exhaust gas temperature is generally 160 ~ 250 ℃, water vapor in the flue gas is still in a superheated state, it can not be condensed into liquid water and release latent heat of vaporization. As we all know, the thermal efficiency of the boiler low calorific value fuel is calculated, it does not consider heat loss in a high latent heat of vaporization of the fuel heating value. Thus the thermal efficiency of the conventional boiler generally only 87% to 91%. Waste heat recovery boiler is condensed, to which the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 50 ~ 70 ℃, full recovery of the latent heat sensible heat of flue gas and water vapor to enhance the thermal efficiency, the condensed water can be recycled. (6) reasonable steam accumulator. The steam accumulator is an energy save type apparatus, steam accumulator principle is that when the boiler load is reduced, the excess steam is fed into the boiler the steam accumulator and the steam under a pressure becomes high pressure saturated water. When the heat load increases, the amount of evaporation in short supply when the boiler, reducing the pressure accumulator, i.e., the high-pressure saturated water is separated into a low pressure saturated steam and water vapor produced by the user for use. Steam accumulator fuel savings typically 5% to 15%. (7) The vacuum deaerator technology. Vacuum deaerator oxygen is an energy save type method. Currently, oxygen supply and drainage method use large industrial boiler thermal oxygen atmosphere. This method of heating water to boiling temperature should at atmospheric pressure, oxygen in the water to drain away. Thermal oxygen atmosphere has two shortcomings. First, the atmospheric pressure boiling temperature, consumes a lot of steam, the boiler to reduce the effective use of heat. A 10t / h boiler feed water heated from 60 deg.] C to 105 ℃, steam consumption about 0.7t / h. Second, because the temperature of the boiler feed water economizer to improve the average water temperature increase, reduce heat economizer temperature, exhaust gas temperature increases, heat losses increase. These two points are the thermal efficiency decreases. And when the vacuum deaerator, the degree of vacuum is maintained at 7.999kPa (60mmHg), as long as the water temperature is heated to 60 deg.] C can achieve the purpose of oxygen. This not only saves steam and reduces exhaust losses, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. (8) boiler water treatment technology to promote imports. It is estimated that imports of internal boiler every knot 1mm of scale, the overall thermal efficiency of a decline of 3%, and imports affect the safe operation of the boiler, through effective water treatment technology and cleaning technology, imports of non-boiler scale operation.

Vacuum hot water textile vacuum boiler supplier hot water boiler Vacuum Products Products vacuum hot water boiler works in the standard state, the vacuum boiler -76CMHG. After starting the boiler, fuel combustion heat is transferred to the heat medium heating surface of the water, the heat medium water is evaporated in heat exchange between the steam, the heat exchanger increase the vacuum chamber at a negative pressure within the furnace, condensate reflux of water to the furnace, boiler water using the steam phase change heat transfer process interact to achieve, through the phase change of the boiler water, water vapor condensation and evaporation furnace transfer latent heat boiler water to achieve the heat transfer process. Meanwhile, if the working medium of the heat exchanger, using the difference in heating temperature and the flow rate output with special requirements, can be specially designed according to the needs of users, the quality can be delivered on time. Heat exchanger, and the water distributor flange can be designed and manufactured of stainless steel for heat strong corrosive media. For larger heating case, a plurality of parallel operation may be performed, better results than the single-unit operation, better energy saving. The machine is running, a multi-purpose machine, while the need to provide different occasions, no need to install. Vacuum hot water boiler during operation, the internal pressure of the furnace in a vacuum state is always the -15cmHg-76cmHg. Even if the U-shaped heat exchanger leakage due to external pressure, or the operational failure can not exceed the external atmospheric pressure, the controller, the water temperature control, superheat and the vacuum pressure switch will automatically switch off the power. When the pressure reaches 0.025MPa, the safety valve will open automatically to withstand the discharge pressure.

February 20, 2019, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the "Beijing's pollution prevention campaign of 2019 Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"). "Action Plan" clearly 2019 development goals: the first is the city PM2.5年均浓度, three-year moving average concentration strive to continue to decline.

Since 2018 autumn and winter, fog and haze in control efforts continue to increase. Beijing, Tianjin Fenwei Plain, the Yangtze River Delta region of the focus of supervision and maintain a high pressure situation, provinces and cities have also introduced Blue Sky Battle plan, air pollution control sector welcome the opportunity. And because the 2018 autumn and winter abolition of green "one size fits all", so that pollution from the administrative means to switch to environmentally friendly means to speed up environmental protection business orders release.

"Winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan" called for increased efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, the county level and above urban area basically eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers, in principle, to the new 35 per hour tons of steam coal-fired boilers. We believe that, under constant fog and haze, the small boiler phase-out process will accelerate. Research believes that by 2021 the transformation of coal-fired central heating investment 88.6 billion yuan, annual operating income of 240 billion yuan, the central heating market will also speed up the release with the environmental supervision.

Professionals expect non-electric air control about 192.2 billion market space, ultra-low emission thermal power market reform space of about 65.7 billion yuan, the whole vast air pollution control requirements.

In addition, the high diesel vehicle emissions, is also one of the main source of haze pollution. Considering the number of ministries had jointly issued by the Ministry of Ecology and environment "diesel truck pollution control tough fight Action Plan" diesel vehicles, boats become the focus of the next step of action to win the Battle of the blue sky.

Affect the operation of the vacuum textile vacuum boiler supplier vacuum boiler of the four factors mainly used for civilian heating, mainly used in residential, home, hotels and other densely populated places, but there are always some of the equipment has been hampered its effectiveness, not so warm, the following tell you about the factors that affect the operation of the device: 1, boiler and valves, meters there is no leak, there are currently includes inlet valve and instrument can guarantee no leakage occurs within 3 years. 2, the load can not have the mutation, changing the boiler load is normal for the boiler, the boiler can meet the general load regulation thirty percent to ninety-nine percent. 3, vacuum pump, three-way solenoid valve is working properly, since the vacuum pump, three-way solenoid valve is not run frequently, imported and seizure operation also prone to failure. 4, control whether or part failure, boiler controls and negative pressure, pressure controller can also occur in the operation of the failure is inevitable, such as the failure rate is even higher domestic controller. 5, the control section airtightness of the boiler should check whether the normal vacuum pump, the three-way solenoid valve is normal, check load changes, if the check is normal and negative pressure controller settings. 6, after everything is normal vacuum degree of recovery boilers still function properly, or to check all aspects of the maintenance shutdown. The actual operation of the vacuum boiler breakdown maintenance rate is higher than the pressurized steam boiler, a steam boiler control requirements than. Vacuum is the main indicators of the stability of the vacuum boiler, it is generally not hot equipment, it is ineffective this is a problem, if we find a problem we should immediately go to repair, to spend the winter cold to make themselves warm as soon as possible device.