Agent Price hot water boiler 1 ton Azerbaijan

Fast boiler has been to uphold the "mold character, and create boutique" business philosophy, after learning of the status of the state forest mountain elementary school, we are non-stop, quickly prepare a large number of teaching supplies, to the mountains in order to improve children's education hardware conditions positive contribution. In order for children to drink purified water clean and sanitary, after the group discussion after deliberation, determined to provide six sets of water purification equipment and pipeline machine. Teachers and students by means of this device can drink safe water purification, we can say that they know how these "water" next to the Red Flag Canal precious. Watching the children line up smiling face after the contact of water, we all feel distressed bursts.

On 8th Dec 2014, this 75 ton corner tube coal fired steam boiler was transported to Zambia.

Till now, our good price 75 ton coal fired steam boiler in power plant still works well.

An eight tons of coal-fired boiler to gas-fired boiler and that the new cost-effective? Gas boiler coal-fired boiler is a direction of the project, the transformation of an eight tons coal-fired boilers to gas-fired boiler and that the new cost-effective? To address this issue specific issues specific analysis. If the chain is a coal-fired furnace, gas boiler basically transformed into the rest of the drum and steel, basic transformation of the cost of the entire project is 80 per cent of the cost of a new boiler, relatively speaking, the cost of renovation is still relatively high. Then with increasingly stringent environmental policy, in order to encourage enterprises and related institutions can positively transform many places also issued a series of subsidy policies. If the area where this project, which has assisted the government policy, the proposal is still on the new would be more cost-effective. Of course, different basis and budget have different selection criteria, in consideration of the overall operation of the boiler stability, life, safety and related factors, Xiao Bian feel down on a comprehensive consideration of the new boiler may be more favorable number. I hope you will have the above reference value.

Rinsing step boiler water level gauge for boiler water level gauge flushing clean water level gauge mica or glass, to prevent clogging of the steam or water communicating tube, to prevent erroneous determination caused by operating personnel accident level. The step of rinsing water level gauge as follows: (l) soft drinks first side of the secondary door is closed, to open 1/4 ~ 1/3 times, and then open the door turn on the water, and washing soda mica conduit. (2) stripping off water measured secondary-side doors and mica flushing conduit. (3) off the water of the secondary side of the door, the second door ajar steam side, the steam side and the mica sheet for rinsing. (4) micro-water side of the secondary door, turn on the water shut the door, the water level should rise quickly, and fluctuates slightly, indicating clear, or should be washed once again. (5) The secondary side soda doors open, and the other with control water level gauge, indicating consistent. (6) should not be too long time rinsing water level gauge, and the protection level gauge pin to prevent clogging.