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Why Henan gas boiler operation to adjust the water level in the normal operation of the gas boiler Henan adjust the water level in the boiler, steam drum water level to maintain stability, should do the following:? ① to control the water level, water level must be carefully monitored, in principle, to a water level gauge subject to electrical contacts to monitor water level for the main meter. To maintain the water level in place clear and accurate. If the water level gauge mica or no rocked slightly unclear, flush water level indicator, each control level gauge regularly and accurately determine the change in water level the boiler. ② any time to monitor steam flow Henan gas boiler feedwater flow, pressure and water pressure drum major data found is not normal, immediately identify the reasons for timely processing. When ③ If Henan gas boiler water level exceeds + 50mm, should adjust the door off a small water supply, reduce the amount of water, if it continues to rise to + 75mm, should open the door turn on the water drainage accident to the normal water level, and investigate the cause. ④ normal operation when the water level is lower than -50mm, it is timely to open a large door increases the amount of water to adjust the water supply, the water level back to normal as quickly as possible, and to identify the reasons for timely treatment. ⑤ in unit lifting load, to start and stop pumps, high pressure heater or splitting, boiler blowdown regularly, or to the empty exhaust steam safety valve operating and accident conditions, respond to changes that occur ahead of the drum level adjustment.

Recently, Jilin Province Shuangliao municipal authorities about illegal sewage and coal-fired boilers, industrial furnaces remediation work held a mobilization meeting.

Stressed the meeting, do a good job on illegal sewage and coal-fired boilers, industrial furnaces rectification work is to implement the central, provincial party committee decisions need to be deployed, is the need to lay a tough fight to win control of pollution is an urgent need for the construction of ecological civilization shuangliao , is fully successful completion of all levels of environmental inspectors "looking back" need feedback rectification work. Must always adhere to the concept of green development, environmental protection as an intrinsic factor in economic development, internal driving force, implement the most strict system, the most stringent rule of law, provide a strong guarantee for ecological construction.

Meanwhile, the meeting also called for, to understand the situation, address the gap, and enhance the sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility, strengthening conscious selves, issue-oriented, problem remediation ton output capacity determination to do a good job, rectification, lay the winning pollution prevention tough fight; to strengthen measures to intensify its efforts to promote detailed work task decomposition, do a good job related information in archives, a good grasp of time node, to ensure the completion of various tasks by time nodes; to strengthen departmental interaction, resolutely carry ecology political responsibility for environmental protection, and make concerted efforts, up and down, "a game of chess," the formation of remediation work together effectively to the work realistically catch fine catch results.

At the meeting, he conveyed the "Opinions on rectification of illegal sewage behavior" and "coal-fired boilers and industrial furnaces comprehensive improvement plan", and the related issues note highlights.

Heat works Henan Henan gas boiler gas boiler with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel gas such as city gas as fuel, gas boiler in Henan put out burning furnace, heating pot of water, and it vaporized into steam heat conversion equipment. Water pan (drum) is continuously released from the combustion of a gaseous fuel energy to heat the furnace, raising the temperature and generating steam under pressure, since the boiling point of water with elevated pressure is raised, Henan gas boiler is sealed, water vapor inside the expansion pressure is generated is limited thermodynamic form (strictly speaking, Henan steam gas boiler drum water is heated to the constant-pressure saturated water is then vaporized form) it is widely used as an energy source. Henan gas boiler and boiler shell consists of two main furnace and ensure accessories, ancillary equipment instrumentation, control and protection system safe and economic operation of its continuous constituted. Henan gas boiler is a boiler drum with a water cooling wall at about the subregional arrangements drum pyrotechnic two return pipe, before the folded portion of the drum front smoke box. Between the drum and the tank in connection with the downcomer tubes and water-cooled bi, constituting the frame of the combustion chamber. There upper steam separator drum to reduce the water vapor out of the tape. Pan heating surface of a lower portion of the drum, and the water cooling pipe bi pyrotechnic tube.

Treatment of non-conforming products of Fangkuai boilers: 1. In the process of workpiece processing due to abnormal causes and quality standards do not meet the requirements of workpieces, are non-qualified products. Fill out the disqualification notice by the full-time inspector, state the condition of the non-qualified goods, report to the responsible engineer for quality inspection. The quality assurance engineer summons the quality inspection responsibility engineer and the related responsible personnel to analyze the abnormal quality, judge and make the decision decisively. The responsible engineer for quality inspection shall fill in the notice for handling non-conforming products, and the relevant responsible persons shall sign the notice, and upon approval by the quality assurance engineer, the inspection shall be carried out by full-time When the worker arrives at the shutdown procedure, the rework process for the welds of important workpieces and pressurized components shall be formulated according to the relevant regulations and approved in accordance with the procedure. 2. After repair, according to the three inspection procedures, fully meet the requirements, submitted to the full-time inspectors for inspection, confirmation, signature, continue to carry on the process flow. 3. Parts can not be used by reasonable repair, or lost value of use, parts can be judged as waste. Discarded products shall be filled out by the responsible engineer for quality inspection, and the responsible person shall sign the non-conforming product processing notice, and the quality assurance engineer shall sign the opinion before it is scrapped. 4. Non-conforming product handling After signing opinions on scrap column, full-time inspectors mark waste products with red paint on scrap workpieces, send them out of the site in time and store them in special waste areas. 5. Liability for non-conforming products: the successor shall be responsible for any failure to carry out the transition formalities. The operator shall be responsible for any non-conforming product produced by the operator with the help of the apprentice or other person, or because of the absence of drawings, the absence of a processing notice, and the violation of process discipline and operating procedures. The workshop and the company shall be punished according to the degree of responsibility and the size of the loss.