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In recent years, Siyang County town chrysanthemum industry as part of the ecological projects to enrich the people in the choice of chrysanthemum drying equipment, the county Environmental Protection Agency proposed to replace coal-fired high efficiency 4t boiler georgias to electric boilers idea. Part chrysanthemum growers is objected that the idea costly and cumbersome, but after analysis and explanation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the power company personnel, electrical boilers have a deeper understanding of the use of electric boiler can not only improve drying chrysanthemum chrysanthemum quality and product phase, it did clean, safe, and there are various government subsidies, while coal boiler if the government out of the use, post-investment costs will be higher. At present, the boiler "electricity for coal" action has been noticed.

In recent years, Siyang County uphold the "gold and silver mines that lies to" development concept, vigorously implement alternative energy projects, alternative energy gradually extended to grain drying, drying fruits and vegetables, herbal drying and bathroom, hotels, restaurants, businesses and other industries. Siyang county party secretary said: "Winning 'Battle of Blue Sky', shouting slogans alone are not shouting to the sky, or from the 'coal to electricity,' 'oil to electricity' these specific things to start, through the implementation of alternative energy engineering, elimination of high energy consumption, low-energy-efficient equipment, the progressive realization of ecological priority, green development goals. "

Since 2016, the county completed a total alternative energy companies, service unit 686, phase out coal boiler 1336 units, to complete alternative energy electricity 256.69 million kwh. Energy saving alternative to business spending, reduce production costs and improve their efficiency and realize a production of "zero emissions" to protect the party clear water and blue sky. In mid-November, Siyang County was selected as "the second batch of national ecological demonstration counties civilization."

Normal atmospheric gas hot water high efficiency 4t boiler georgia combustion mode, which will result in excess air ratio in the mixed gas is too large, the flame temperature will produce thousands of degrees the boiler in operation, will form nitrogen and oxygen at elevated temperature conditions nitrogen oxides, the nitrogen oxide emissions are an important cause of air pollution.

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Chemical nitrogen gas condensing high efficiency 4t boiler georgia low price how much chemical gas condensing boiler prices low nitrogen how much? After a series of pre-transformation of many of the current coal-fired boiler chemical has been used in a gas boiler. But the government is very high in some places for the environmental protection requirements, which for the enterprise, you need to purchase a low-nitrogen boiler replacement. While businesses purchasing for boiler, the other point is to purchase condensing boiler, which is for companies to reduce operating costs is a great help. Recently, there is a chemical plant want to buy a low-nitrogen gas condensing boiler to fast boiler advice, but for businesses, the current price for their own needs as well as procurement of model is not very understanding. This is the need in the art for fast boiler where chemical actual running after accounting data obtained show that the chemical of 2 tons using a low nitrogen gas condensing boiler is possible. At present, the model of boiler in price fast boiler at about 32 million. So, for everyone chemical gas condensing boiler prices are already low nitrogen how much detailed understanding.