2t Seller boiler High Efficiency Vietnam

Body electric 2t seller boiler high efficiency vietnam consumption boiler power consumption is very small, small enough to be negligible. Single large boiler need to use drum, induced draft fan, which will consume electricity. The combustion boiler module is direct fired atmosphere, no blower. All power consumption required for the ignition module boiler just that part, which is part of the small power to a negligible level. If large boilers monomer converted into heat energy consumption, energy consumption than conventional boilers boiler module will be reduced by 1%.

"Professional life, work fine", which is the party adhere to the core values ​​of fast. Whether the overall 2t seller boiler high efficiency vietnam or details of the site, both parties soon to be subtle, not ignore every aspect. Single-minded attitude is a solid foundation for the development of innovation. Not forgetting beginning of the heart, was always square. Fang fast since its inception, adhere to the development road of clean fuel boiler, to respond positively to our policy, efforts to promote road boiler industry to environmental protection direction. Facing the future, parties will continue to fast innovation and creativity on the development of the first, and unswervingly take the road of clean and green, to provide users with a more secure and reliable boiler cleaning solutions.

In order to ensure the safe operation of condensing 2t seller boiler high efficiency vietnam, condensing boilers must strengthen the monitoring of, and therefore should be installed pressure gauges, water level (water level alarm), safety valve, gas leak alarms, thermometers and other instructions and on the protection of condensing boilers condensing boiler safety accessories.

Take water electric 2t seller boiler high efficiency vietnams run the wind causes and solution? Take water electric boilers run the wind causes and solution? Electric boilers during the installation process involves a lot of running wind (exhaust valve), complete installation of electric boilers in normal circumstances a former first not to rush power-cycle test must have to carry out, and sometimes when the test will find out electric boiler stomata to take water, here we have points down why. This phenomenon is mainly because the electric boiler installation errors, the circulating pump installed in the water at the electric boiler. Backwater than the electric boiler water volume. When the return is greater than the amount of water into the water, it will form a counter-current, natural vent will form a bubble, that is, we usually say that vents to take water. Solution of this problem is the location of the circulation pump is installed correctly on OK.