Commercial Hot Selling oil hot water boiler Laos

Oil commercial hot selling hot water boiler laos configuration instructions show the advantages and features brought fuel for the boiler hot water boiler, the following, mainly through its specifically addressed several specific aspects of the talks, to continue to lead us to understand this kind of boiler, thus to increase the amount of knowledge that we respect. Therefore, we should take seriously and carry on, so in order to grasp and not waste such a good learning opportunity. 1. fuel hot water boiler, which is on display configuration, generally speaking, you can use what? And on which parameters can be set? Hot water boiler fuel, which is arranged on a display, in general, can use a dedicated microcomputer control of the boiler, and large-screen liquid crystal panel, thereby to clearly display, so that users can visually see the operation of the boiler status. Further, in the parameter setting, the work with a burner, boiler water temperature, water level, operation time, temperature and circulating pump turns off temperature, so that, for intuitive understanding, in order to determine the normal range within the allowable parameters . 2. fuel hot water boiler, which is structurally, is what are the characteristics that can bring some advantages? Features hot water boiler fuel in terms of structural design, and, it can bring some advantages, which mainly include: (1) in this kind of boiler, because of its design is based on atmospheric pressure, so, in the boiler the top of a hole communicating with the atmosphere. In addition, the boiler is run at atmospheric pressure, there is no risk of explosion, so that you can run to improve its safety factor of. (2) of the boiler, is the use of computer simulation to optimize the design, so the size thereof, may be made to optimize the design, thereby to make it look beautiful, and saving space. (3) If the fuel is a hot water boiler with full wet back three pass structure, then, it is the exhaust gas temperature can be effectively reduced, while increasing the heat transfer coefficient of the boiler. In addition, even with the boiler scale, then, easy to clean and cleanup.

Some small knowledge about commercial hot selling hot water boiler laos

Hot water boiler is one kind of boiler, mainly because its medium is hot water. There are many kinds of hot water boilers, which can be divided into point hot water boilers, oil hot water boilers, and some more environmentally friendly gas and coal fired hot water boilers according to the fuel used. The working principle of hot water boiler is very simple, which depends on the heat energy of fuel combustion to achieve the function of heating water, it is a kind of simple heat energy boiler.

With the increasing development of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of the people's living standards, energy consumption is increasing day by day, environmental pollution is deteriorating day by day, and people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly strengthening, as well as calls for improving the environment, Urges the government to step up efforts to guide the energy consumption structure to clean and energy-saving energy transition with mandatory policies. Affected by the above factors, fuel oil, as an efficient and clean energy source, is more and more favored by enterprises. In view of the rapid explosion of fuel used in fuel-fired boilers and the variability of load, the oil-fired furnace should be automatically controlled. The main task of automatic control of oil-fired boiler is to maintain the water level, temperature, pressure and smoke of the boiler. The physical parameters, such as oxygen content of gas, are within the prescribed range and can automatically adapt to the change of load, thus making the boiler run safely, reliably and economically.

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