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To further reduce emissions, improve air quality, the Shanghai Municipal Government put forward the views of accelerating the implementation of small and medium sized boilers mentioned standard transformation of the urban area. Details are as follows.

As of 2020 before the end of September, the city mentioned standard transformation is completed with small boilers. Among them, the city center before the end of 2019 to complete the transformation mentioned standard, to Shanghai, "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" (DB31 / 3872018) requirements, to encourage compliance in advance.

In January 2018 - September 2020 period, complete boiler mentioned standard transformation and acceptance, discharge standards under the "50%, 75%" and other major conditions of the city's small and medium-load boiler unit.

City, District, together, support the implementation of fiscal policy. Giving special one-off subsidies, municipal and district levels in line with the financial support of the above-mentioned range. Specific binding transformation of the former boiler capacity and completion time, be supported in accordance with the following criteria:

However, if the boiler outlet does not change with the opening of the steam valve, then due to steam pressure changes due to the amount of fuel disturbance, steam flow will also change. Due to changes in steam pressure, steam flow rate increases spontaneously change in vapor pressure limits, there is therefore an object balance. 2, the steam pressure variation characteristic of the steam load disturbances: step disturbance under a load, the vapor pressure change dynamic characteristics have the following two situations:

Which improve the efficiency of two coal-fired heating heating system (ie boiler efficiency and network transmission efficiency) is the key to energy conservation, and in strict accordance with the relevant points to achieve rational use of machinery and equipment for better efficiency measures szs boilers have heating effect and improve equipment operating efficiency, and more reliable consumers want to improve the efficiency of heating boilers Shenzhen should also follow this principle. (1) improve the efficiency of the boiler szs. Rated efficiency of the boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler is not just the individual, but the seasonal efficiency of the boiler. In order to improve the seasonal efficiency of the boiler, should be reduced as much as possible to start SZS boiler heating period, down time and standby time. But this is because every time by clearing the speed of boilers, boiler stop calorie consumption, standby time is the heat sink can cause considerable damage. In order to improve the seasonal efficiency of the boiler unit, select the type of boiler it is very important. When choosing the type of the boiler, the boiler must consider how a variable load combination has a better ability to regulate, and how to improve the minimum output of the boiler to match the smallest possible load. (2) improve the transmission efficiency of the network. Factors Affecting SZS network transmission efficiency boiler there are three, i.e., heat loss insulation, heat losses and leakage of heat loss caused by the hydraulic disorder, wherein the heating system heat losses and the level of external network unbalance unbalance vertical heat loss very serious. Boiler pipe network outside the level of imbalance and indoor heating systems is the loss of a large vertical imbalance in the ratio of heat so I want to improve boiler efficiency must improve the efficiency of network transmission Shenzhen. At present, higher energy costs, thus reducing the boiler heat loss network is very important. In order to reduce heat transport pipe network losses, SZS boiler hydraulic balance system should be used, and temperature control system.

Issues related to pressure test of the boiler 1, the boiler pressure test what? Boiler pressure test pressure test is divided into working overpressure test of two. Hydrostatic test purpose is to test the strength and tightness of the pressure member. After the pressure member is generally repair, such as repair or replacement of part of the valve, the boiler tubes, headers, etc., and the boiler, a small repair work should be carried out after the pressure test. After installation of the new boiler repair boilers and boiler to replace a large area of ​​the heating surface, the operating pressure should be 1.25 times the over-pressure test. 2, how to prevent the boiler pressure test overpressure? Operating a water pressure test is an important relationship between the safety of the boiler must be careful to note: should carefully check the pressure gauge into the situation before (1) pressure test. (2) to the exhaust air accident drainage gate power is turned on, flexible switch, exhaust, water discharge flow line. (3) Test should have Chief Engineer professionals in the field, or a command specified by the person controlling the boosting speed can not be midway substitutions. (4) from the boiler pressure, off a small inlet damper, controls the boost speed does not exceed 0.3MPa / min. (5) to boost the operating pressure of the boiler 70%, also due to slow speed boost, and make prevents overpressure safety measures. 3. What pressure test eligibility boiler? (1) when the door is completely closed from Sheung timing smin the pressure drop: not more than 0.2 a high-pressure boiler for qualified 0.3MPa, pressure in the boiler does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa acceptable. Pressure boiler pressure drop is less than 98kPa qualified per minute. (2) pressure members, and the weld metal wall and no mist droplets. (3) no residual deformation of the pressure member signs.