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A tank is mounted above the drum, and with a pipe in communication blister pack. After the boiler is disabled, filled with peroxide addition to water, the tank half full of water. Steam into the tank with foreign heated to keep the tank boiling water. Loss of boiler water to be complemented by the exotic steam. This method is relatively simple,

Boiler furnace coke reason? Many reasons boiler furnace coke, generally are as follows: Properties (1) ash. The higher the melting point of the ash, the more difficult coke. Conversely, the lower the melting point, the easier coke. (2) Effect of medium composition on the surrounding coke is also great. Combustion process, due to insufficient air supply or poor mixing of fuel and air, does not achieve complete combustion of the fuel, incomplete combustion of the reducing gas produced, the melting point of the ash will be greatly reduced. (3) Run improper operation, so that the flame or deflect a secondary air with unreasonable high primary air velocity, the particles do not burn completely, and adheres to the heating surface continues to burn at a high temperature softened state to form coke . (4) the thermal load is too large furnace volume. When the boiler operating force is exceeded, the furnace temperature is too high, and the soot reaches the surface of the furnace water wall outlet, not possible to obtain sufficient cooling, thereby causing coking. (5) sootblowing, the decoking is not timely. Wall temperature rise caused by heat, thereby heating surface serious coke.

2019 Beijing ISH fair as promised, fast Boiler another outstanding performance and overall strength, won the attention of those present. In the booth fast boiler and a variety of low-nitrogen series of new products at the show stunning debut, became very attractive in Hall E2 bursting exhibition. In the booth, businessmen from across the country sitting together, Consultant fast low nitrogen boiler product performance situation, but also other fast proprietary remote monitoring system is full of interest; more admiring friends, in the initial communication after, have leave contact information, and field sales engineer long talk fast square details of cooperation;

The water circulation of the vertical drum (and KB-shaped) water tube boiler is divided into two parts: one part is that the water of the upper drum is lowered from the weaker convection tube bundle at the rear to the lower drum, and then the front part of the lower drum is heated more strongly. The convection tube bundle rises and returns to the upper drum to form a circulation; the other part is that the water of the water wall tube around the furnace rises to the upper drum, and the descending pipe drawn from the lower drum supplies water to the water wall pipe through the headers to form a water circulation.