4t Industrial Hot Selling steam boiler Cambodia

Condensing boiler using an advanced technology - condensation technique, it is provided inside the condensing heat recovery boiler, and absorbing the sensible heat released latent heat boiler, thereby improving the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Compared with ordinary boilers condensing boiler, where the advantage

In the boiler market, called "condensing" boiler boiler products are popular, then this condensing boiler What prominent place it, compared with ordinary boilers, and what advantages it?

Recently, the vice governor of Henan provincial government, Comrade He Jinping and his party, accompanied by the main leaders of Anyang City, to visit our company for investigation and guidance. Accompanied by the Group Chairman Mr. Lu Haiqing Luhai Gang and Mr. President, R & D Center Exhibition Hall and cleaning boilers Laboratories plain plant were overall investigation. We came to the R & D Center Exhibition Hall, the research group members have been attracted to the science of video technology products, stop listening to the president on corporate R & D, manufacturing scientific products situation report.

Coal fired boiler for textile industry

Textile plant coal boiler