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As far as we understand fast boiler, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province to respond positively to tackling air pollution control actions, and intensive phase-out of coal-fired boilers. May 22, Qinhuangdao City Funing District launched the first action, a paper mill for a six tons of coal-fired steam boiler on-site demolition work. By Comrade Sun Guosheng, deputy director attended the action, and announced that coal-fired boiler central demolitions began.

Party Secretary Sun Zhichuan, Wang Hua district leaders to direct the demolition work, the Municipal Bureau of ecological environment, the ecological environment Branch area, technology and industrial Information Bureau, staying Town, elm Town, the next village management area, Funing town and other relevant units attended centralized demolition action.

The demolition operation was eliminated Qinhuangdao unified action to ban coal-fired boilers, Funing District is the city's main venue for the implementation of this action. 2019 coal-fired boilers area demolished 33 sets of objectives and tasks is that this concentrated action demolish 14 units, 12 sets of new coal-fired boiler investigation, a total of 26 sets of 248 tons of steam coal use is expected to reduce the amount of 149,444 tons, 145.73 tons of sulfur dioxide reduction , 439.37 tons of nitrogen oxides, soot 37.36 tons.

Characteristics of hot water boiler described in Henan fast boiler gas hot water boiler with water in vacuo characteristics having different boiling points at different pressures working environment. At normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 deg.] C, vacuum gas hot water boiler -0.07Mpa working in a pressure range of the water boiling temperature is lower than the corresponding 93 deg.] C, vacuum gas hot water boiler of the boiler to work under pressure. Combustion temperature of the water rises to the boiling temperature of the boiling water produced the same surface temperature steam, which absorb large amounts of heat volatilization. In this case, the water injected into the boiler heat exchanger, the cold water in the steam tube is an outer tube is heated into hot water then flows, steam is condensed out of the cold water cooled tube heat exchanger into water droplets. This completes the process water circulation in vacuo. 1. In the flue tube mounting closed fins increase the heat transfer effect, so that more concentrated arrangement. 2. Integral with a square configuration, personalized spraying, separation shape appearance. 3, large furnaces can techniques: effective to increase the heat radiation per unit area, to reduce NOX emissions. 4. Pure ensure high boiler water boiler water scaling, oxidation. Fives. All wet back shell using tricyclic structure, static heating, large heat balance. 6, all active control system, no staff on duty. Simple pulse level detection circuit unique structure, reliable performance. 8. Out of the water temperature display is doubled, easy to control operation of vacuum hot water boiler and crumb. 9. High quality multilayer centrifugal glass wool insulation, heat losses are small. Vacuum hot water boiler with three gas-pressure safety protection system: automatic safety explosion relief valve: When the pressure inside the boiler continues to rise, the explosion-proof valve due to excessive pressure and burst, releasing the pressure inside the boiler, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler; a digital pressure switch : imported from Japan digital pressure switches, ready disassembly. Detecting the degree of vacuum changes the boiler, when the pressure is too high, the end of fire; explosion-proof valve automatic safety alarm: In special cases, when the pressure in the boiler becomes slightly positive pressure explosion-proof safety valve controlled vibration alarm, turn off the power boiler.

Operation of the vacuum hot water boiler operation is very simple vacuum hot water boiler is very simple, bank up a fire, dust, water, ignition thanks to this step, when the bank up a fire is the first cleaning, the ash cleaned and then fill the coal bucket to shut the door on coal. Economic and environmentally friendly vacuum hot water boiler is in line with the needs of social development, therefore, vacuum hot water boiler is also welcomed by the people, and its usage is very large, their own strengths vacuum hot water boiler determines its space development huge. Automatic heating, hot water boiler vacuum meter is automatically displayed temperature and pressure, the secondary vacuum hot water boiler 24 hours can be a stoker, a hot water boiler so that the vacuum can maintain a constant temperature all day, so the use of it will be more convenient vacuum hot water boiler thermal efficiency is very high, can quickly heat up, and there is no dust, of course, and there is no smoke, so that the surrounding environment will not cause any harm to make . Vacuum hot water boiler operation is very simple, he has a very novel appearance, this novel shape can play a decorative role, then there is the structure of the vacuum hot water boiler is also very unique.

1 tons of vacuum gas hot water boiler heating area vacuum gas boiler for hot water is present mainly in the major media outputs. At present the main hot water heating are two purposes one is, one is bathing. Currently in the heating business and hotel business with the vacuum gas hot water boiler is still a lot of business. For businesses, procurement vacuum hot water boiler when a certain amount for their own heating and hot water area required to have a preliminary estimate. Recently, there is a business to be fast boiler consulting, currently the company is mainly for heating as a community, need to purchase a boiler, the current form of the heating enterprises need to be admitted to install. After this, the technician fast boiler is the first accounting of the data provided by the heating companies, concluded that the heating companies with a 1-ton vacuum boiler is possible. Chose vacuum boiler, because the condition of the heating district heating enterprises affected by the restrictions. It is currently the cause of much-needed, unlike other vacuum boilers with pressure boiler must report to security equipment, as long as there is a spot, then it will soon be able to approach the installation. For one ton vacuum gas hot water boiler heating area of ​​interest to the company in 7000 square feet. It is currently in line with the needs of enterprises of.