combined oil fired Vacuum Boilers Dealer in Asia

The advantage vacuum combined fired vacuum boilers dealer in asia of vacuum boiler is also called negative pressure boiler. The thermal dielectric water of vacuum boiler is high purity water which is deoxidized and descaled and sealed into vacuum chamber. Multiple sets of heat exchangers can be arranged on the upper part of the boiler main body to achieve multiple loops and bear different system pressures. Vacuum boilers do not need to be equipped with plate heat exchangers and volumetric heat exchangers. The heat transfer mode between hot water and cold water in this machine is steam-water condensation heat transfer. The heat transfer coefficient is 4000~4500kcal / m ~ 2 ·℃, which is higher than that of pressure boiler. 50-450kcal / m2 ·℃. More than 10 times. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of the ordinary vacuum boiler can reach over 94%, and because the vacuum medium of the vacuum boiler is not connected with the external atmosphere, the problems of oxygen corrosion and scaling are completely solved, and the service life is long. Vacuum boilers can last up to 20 years or more. Gas-fired boilers in northern residential areas usually use atmospheric or hot water boilers for heating. However, due to its complex system, high operating cost and high risk of scaling and oxygen corrosion, the practical application is less and less. In recent years, the vacuum hot water boiler is getting more and more The more widely used, and because of their excellent safety and pressure heating, they are very suitable for building heat source. The main advantages of vacuum boiler are: there is no explosion danger under negative pressure operation; because of small heat capacity, short heating time, small start-stop heat loss and high actual heat efficiency, the heat transfer of the body not only realizes the pressure operation of the heating system. Moreover, the heat loss of the heat exchanger and the power consumption of the pump are avoided. Compared with the indirect heating system of the boiler heat exchanger, the investment and land area are greatly saved, and the boiler body has a long service life in the closing operation.

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Steam combined fired vacuum boilers dealer in asias course the best is to use the attention to the details of steam boilers should be more widely used, goods looks stable operation, use and reliable. But not to say that can easily operate. Today we introduce you to give everyone the best when using steam boiler is something to note. First, check carefully before Kai blast furnace steam boiler furnace inspection processes most critical start, we'd better check the site is there are many, such as natural gas pressure is reasonable, whether the windshield smoke tube has been opened, vacuum pumping is reasonable. ...... Make sure the device is available only reasonable start furnace, steam boiler each to ensure reliable and reliable use. Secondly, this time using the shutdown shutdown this time should be the most careful use of the process, first turn fire into small pieces fire, then carefully extinguished, turn off the burner. Steam boilers and reliable use of content about these two, and if everyone will pay particular attention to the content in one application, you should be very fairly reliable use of steam boilers, there are details to avoid improper use caused.

Conventional hot water combined fired vacuum boilers dealer in asia types are: one condensing gas hot water boiler, separate condensing gas water boiler, water gas hot water boiler, a vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler, premix gas hot water boiler fully condensed, ultra-low emissions coupled vacuum boiler, electric heating water boiler, and the like.