High Efficiency Fully Automatic boiler 1t Thailand

It is reported that since December 2018, with the market in Hefei, Anhui Province Lujiang County prison within the jurisdiction of the range 15 "coal to gas" high efficiency fully automatic boiler 1t thailand unit in the course of a full range of checking the newly installed gas boiler, while ensuring the area range within the boiler unit making a smooth transition "from coal to gas," the process, but also to ensure the safe use of the newly installed boiler.

The boiler before proceeding with the installation, install the unit you want to inform the local boiler installation of special equipment safety supervision and management department, inspection units installed during the installation and installation personnel qualification documents related strictly require the installation of the unit perform the required safety specifications and related standards, strict Charles undocumented and undocumented installers to install the unit.

When commissioning the boiler, the gas company and do the docking unit installation and use of the tripartite unit personnel to ensure the safety of boiler commissioning and trial operation of the boiler installation inspection, and actively promote the boiler unit boiler handle registration certificate and make contingency plans .

Coal fired steam high efficiency fully automatic boiler 1t thailand design:

Coal fired steam boiler design adopt the double-cylinder, water-tube assembly, chain grate boiler. Two cylinders are laid from the lower and upper a greater level boiler longitudinally for the center. Front part of top of the cylinder and water-cooled tubes at side walls make up the radiation-heating area from the hearth. Since the rear section and tube bank within the lower cylinder function as convection-heating area, the coal economizer is mounted powering boiler. Some heat of hot combustion fume is absorbed from the hearth, then hot combustion heat flows for that convection heating area through cooling chamber and exhausts outside over the chimney via coal economizer, dust collector and draught fan.

Condensation high efficiency fully automatic boiler 1t thailand with different ordinary gas boiler is a condensing boiler of the heat load is smaller, the higher the thermal efficiency, and the heat load of the whole heating season about 30-50%, thus condensing boiler can maintain high thermal efficiency. The lower condensing boiler return water temperature, the higher thermal efficiency, but when the return water temperature is below 50 ℃, conventional gas boiler will produce large amounts of condensed water, thus condensing boiler of high boiler material requirements.

Natural gas high efficiency fully automatic boiler 1t thailand should develop appropriate security measures to determine the natural gas boiler installation location, natural gas boiler installed units must be installed in line with qualifications of boiler installation range of the higher authorities issued. To register. According to regulations, the use of boiler units should be one by one to register. Boiler unit should be someone responsible for the boiler installation, boiler responsible for obtaining and local supervisory bodies, fill in the installation of this book. Fireman when they need to participate in the boiler installation, and with a plumber, fitter, rigger, cold work, and welders and helpers. Staff learn to install technical measures, safety precautions, and become familiar with the boiler drawings and technical documents. To deal with gas-fired boiler before installing combustion equipment, components, auxiliary equipment, inspection and acceptance by drawing attachments, make a record, is found not to comply with the relevant standards should be made to the factory. Gas boilers and auxiliary hoisting: natural gas boiler, auxiliary equipment, accessory boxes, meter boxes, press the factory-hoisting hoisting position. A hook lifting the user should be responsible for damage in any position. Heavy-duty vehicles, lifting equipment, required for banding wire rope, and so must have sufficient load capacity, and shall meet the technical specifications. In accordance with the technical specifications before lifting noted in large sizes and weight lifting equipment selection, and to develop appropriate safety precautions.