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Recently, the Tianjin Beichen District issued a "Tianjin Beichen District in 2019 to win the Battle of Blue Sky battle plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"). "Plan" put forward: to strictly control new coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction project alternative, prohibit self-supporting construction of coal-fired power plants. Complete the transformation of low nitrogen gas-fired agent boiler 20 ton cyprus more than four before the end of September 2019.

Details are as follows.

1, reducing the total coal consumption in 2019, the region's total coal consumption and coal in primary energy requirements meet the relevant indicators. Strict control of new coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction project alternative, prohibit self-supporting construction of coal-fired power plants.

2, ongoing heating, agricultural, industrial and commercial management of coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers to burn consolidate shut down rectification results to ensure that no rebound. Carry out special rectification coal, coal supervision prominence to the implementation of high-quality coal supply and security, supervision and management of coal enterprises to establish a purchase and sale accounting, prohibit the sale of low-quality coal does not meet the requirements of state and city, by increasing the sampling frequency, strengthen information disclosure, strict qualification management, according to the law firm did not check other means, to crack down on low-quality coal to maintain circulation, sale and use of high-pressure situation. Ongoing heating season heating companies burning coal quality inspection. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of the city, set up to ensure that the region is no longer operating coal storage space, strengthen supervision.

3, to promote the safe and orderly clean warm winter residents. The completion of the outer ring 23 000 residents in rural areas "coal to electricity," the task before the end of October 2019, the region's urban and rural residents to achieve bulk coal for heating, "cleared."

4, before the end of September 2019 to complete the transformation of more than four low-nitrogen gas boiler. The full implementation of leak detection and repair (LDAR) system. Ensure the region involving volatile organic compounds emissions from industrial enterprises and supporting environmental protection facilities full coverage, stable and meet the relevant emission standards.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of making process of Boiler Feed Water treatment equipment

At present, the processes for preparing ultra-pure water in the power boiler feed water system are basically the above three, and the rest of the process flow is mostly derived from different combinations and combinations on the basis of the above three basic process flows. Their advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

1. The first type of ion exchange resin has the advantages of less initial investment and less occupation, but the disadvantage is that it requires frequent ion regeneration, consumes a large amount of acid and alkali, and is destructive to the environment.

2. The second type uses a two-stage reverse osmosis device, which is characterized by a higher initial injection rate than an ion exchange resin method, but does not require resin regeneration. The disadvantage is that the relevant membrane originals need to be cleaned or replaced regularly, and the water quality is relatively not too high, and most of them can only be about 1 us/cm.

3. The third type uses reverse osmosis for pretreatment and is equipped with an electric deionization (EDI) device. This is the most economical and environmentally friendly ultrapure water preparation process for preparing ultrapure water. It does not require regeneration with acid and alkali. It can continuously produce ultrapure water, which is not destructive to the environment. The disadvantage is that the initial investment is too expensive compared to the above two methods.

What safety devices have gas hot water agent boiler 20 ton cyprus? In order to be able to make smooth combustion boiler operation of the gas hot water boiler is installed in a safe attachment of a variety of professional instrumentation and safeguards, these instruments can be a true reflection of the various states of the boiler out, and the safety device is able in a special timely warning in the case. Following on from the premium brand gas hot water boiler manufacturers to introduce common safety devices which have. 1. Gas hot water boiler safety valve has a safety device called a safety valve, its main role is to ensure that the gas hot water boiler capable of safe operation of this device with the steam pressure after the boiler during operation can be produced in limited provisions within range, can effectively prevent the boiler pressure is too high because of damage or cause a dangerous explosion. 2. The water level gauge water level alarm and we all know that gas hot water boiler needs water, hot water generated in the heat and kinetic energy to provide heat and thus play a role. Water in the boiler to be within safe limits to ensure no accidents, water level gauge is used to observe whether a suitable device, to ensure that the water level in the boiler fluctuation range does not exceed the limit. And when the water level alarm is a safety device automatically after the alarm level exceeds the range, the water level can alert fireman processing in the first time. 3. Pressure gauge boiler combustion will produce some pressure, if the pressure outside the specified range can cause an explosion hazard, so the need to install metering precise pressure gauge on the gas hot water boiler, in order to be able to pressure in the boiler fireman on at any time under observation to ensure the provision of safe working pressure of the boiler operation. In addition to the several safety devices and stable operation of the gas hot water boiler, there are many different valve also served to protect the safe operation. These devices shared with the safe operation of the gas boiler, so fireman To learn how to use the performance of the gas hot water boiler and these safety devices to ensure safe operation of the gas boiler to make hot water during operation.