Fully Automatic High Efficiency boiler 1t Nepal

Good gas fully automatic high efficiency boiler 1t nepal operation safety procedures can effectively extend the life of gas-fired boiler, then how to properly regulate the operation of the gas boiler it? Detailed below: 1, when a boiler or endanger the safety of the phenomenon should be taken to an emergency shutdown; 2, boiler feed water pump damage, mediation device failure, emergency disconnect button should move to stop the boiler operation; 3, the boiler in operation Once the process anomalies operators should be shut down immediately after the new boot deal with failure; 4, when the gas boiler body found abnormal phenomenon, how to do security incidents shutdown control device failure should move off the emergency button to stop the boiler operation; 5, start and stop by the boiler burner controller is to issue an instruction start and stop according to a change in pressure, (this function is automatic) the operator should always observe the change in the pressure abnormality occurs to stop immediately if the cease-fire; 6, You should always observe the water level, in particular to ensure that the boiler operation fill the tank full of water during operation. The operator shall periodically to the boiler blowdown, boiler water quality assurance. 7, when there should take in electricity fuels Pressing the emergency OFF button; 8, should be determined prior to the initial startup burner with three-phase power operator motor forward, reverse, or can not normal ignition. (At this time, the fan stops burner ten seconds after the start, the alarm control box). Understand the safety procedures gas boiler, I believe you must have learned a lot of knowledge of it, I hope to help you prolong the life of the boiler

Steam fully automatic high efficiency boiler 1t nepal equipment What are things composed? Part of the steam boiler comprising: a steam boiler and a steam boiler auxiliary equipment. Steam boiler comprising: a furnace 2. 3. 1 gas boiler steam superheater economizer 4. The air preheater. 1. The apparatus comprises a steam boiler auxiliary water supply device (water treatment equipment, a water tank and pump) 2. Ventilators (blowers, induced draft fan and stack) 3. The fuel supply of slag and dust removal equipment 4. instrumentation and automatic control equipment.

Food factory steam fully automatic high efficiency boiler 1t nepal is mainly used in food processing distillation, extraction, sterilizing, drying, curing and other processes, a food product with high-temperature steam retort, drying, disinfection. Not only limited to food production for gasoline and some food plants will be configured for internal captive power generation boilers, hot water boilers or application of its central heating plant, office building, dormitory, so it is important to choose a suitable gas boilers !

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