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Second, the use of hot water heating

1, hot water heating can save 20-40% of the fuel, because it does not have a secondary condensate and evaporation losses.

2, small heat loss hot heating pipes, heating pipes steam steam leakage losses. Steam hot water boiler needs continuous and regular sewage, while only a small amount of hot water boiler blowdown regularly.

3, hot water heating according to the temperature change of outdoor environment, the flexibility to adjust the water quality, but also meet the requirements not only saves fuel heating quality assurance. The disadvantage is that hot water heating pipe network outside investment than steam heating should be large, especially when the temperature difference between the supply and return of less is more significant. Heating hot water circulating pump capacity, power consumption and more, increased operating costs.

Check what needs to be done before the start gas water boiler furnace? Gas hot water boiler is now very high frequency of a pressure-type equipment, but also generate a lot of steam at run time, so if the staff did not follow the rules and regulations to give the operator will cause the accident security issues. In order to improve safety awareness fireman, efficient and practical all-round gas hot water boiler manufacturers will be described hereinafter: gas hot water boiler needs to be done before starting work to check what. 1, check the connection parts and gas pressure value before the start furnace fireman, first check valve is connected at each gas hot water boiler, ensuring open and close state of the valve is desirable, in addition, also check gas gas storage pressure tank is not in the specified range, if the pressure does not want to be checked immediately after confirmation of the order to open the valve ready to start gas supply to the boiler furnace. 2, boiler water supply system checks we all know burning inside the boiler water, will generate a lot of steam after the water reaches boiling point to power the device, if there is no water inside the boiler water level is too low or too high will lead to security risks, so the fireman ready to start work before the furnace, to carefully check the water supply system for a gas hot water boiler, the first to look at the water level enough, if not in time to Sheung Shui, the second to be able to Sheung Shui is normal, if not normal is necessary and timely treatment . 3, check the water level in the boiler water level plays an important role in the gas hot water boiler, allowing fireman understand the current water level in the furnace is how much, if the water level problems can not keep abreast of the status of the water level, thus planting Security risks. Therefore, before Kai furnace, fireman to check whether the water level can work properly. In general, companies will purchase high-quality boiler after a good understanding of gas hot water boiler which brand to use, however, in order to secure the use of boilers, gas hot water boiler fireman needs to do to check all aspects of the oven until ready to start , gas hot water boiler can be started only after the confirmation of these parts are no exception.

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Two kinds of electric boiler heating mode boilers typically have two electrical heating mode, one is manual heating mode, the other is the automatic heating mode. 1. Manual mode is very laborious manual mode, the heating mode is manually species to adjust the temperature of the electric boiler, the efficiency of this mode is low, 2. fully automatic mode automatic mode is to set the electric boiler a temperature range, the whole days are set into a number of time periods, so that the electric boiler will be set up in accordance with the requirements of automatic operation, two electric boilers can be said that this model not only very convenient, but also very power after setting reasonable, all users should use a pattern.